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Website design in Skye by Graham McPherson.

Here are some samples of websites I have built. They give an idea of what can be done for your business. Just click on the image to see the website open in a new separate window.

Seaside Bungalow Brean Skye360graham-mcpherson-photography-linkQuality Virtual Tours Homepage

somerset-photography linkSkye PhotographsVincent Property Developersjt-angling-link
  1. Check out my other websites and see if you like the style, functionality etc.
  2. Think about what you want from your website. You may want to sell items via a paypal shopping cart or just have a "hello world" single page site. Get a rough idea of what it is you want your website to do.
  3. Think of a domain name that best describes your website. This typically will be what it is you do, sell, or say, eg "somerset-photography.co.uk", then see if it is available for hosting on the internet. (you can check in the box below)
  4. Get a free consultation with me to firm up ideas. I will give you a quote for the building of your site.
  5. Set up an account with 1&1 webhosts to host your domain. (see various packages on the 1&1 site by looking at the hosting tab above) I will then build the site but it always remains in YOUR control.



For full details of the 360° Panoramic Virtual Tour check out my website Quality Virtual Tours


unoptomised image

optomised photo

A photograph has the power to capture or turn away potential clients. Consider you are a potential client for the guest house shown right. The image on top is typical of many that are on the internet. It has not been sharpened or optimised for the web at all. The image below it has been optomised and the difference speaks for itself.
Professional websites deserve quality images. Even a "good" photo can be made to look so much better when properly sharpened and optimised for the web. As a professional photographer I take great care in making sure the image quality is first class. You can check out some of my photography here.

Photo Session is £50 per hour
Website image use is £20 per image for unlimited time

After your website is finished you may require it to be regularly maintained. The fees for website maintenance/updates etc is broken into sessions.
  • up to 10 mins - £8.00
  • up to 20 mins - £14.00
  • up to 30 mins - £18.00
  • up to 40 mins - £24.00
  • up to 60 mins - £ 30.00
Or you can buy a "Blocktime 200" This is an upfront fee of £200 for ten hours of worktime.
Each time work is carried out with a blocktime 200 you will be sent an e mail so you can see how much of your ten hours remains.


Search Engine optimization is a free service that comes with the building of your site. It involves choosing the right keywords that clients may type into a search engine to get to your site as well as behind the scenes information called meta data. The more specific the information describing your business, the higher ranking you are likely to get in the search engines.
Generally the website will appear in the listings of Google search engine within a week or two from the time your site goes live. The site is also submitted to a number of other serch engines for listing.

Q. Who is the site owned by?
A. The site is owned by you. You will have all password information etc for accessing your site on the internet. After the site is built you are free to update it and change anything you wish, or WFWD can maintain the site regularly for you. For details please see the maintenance tab.
Q. Can I choose my own domain name?
A. Yes, providing no-one else has the domain name. All .co.uk domain names are £2.99 for a year but must be bought for a minimum of 2 years. For .com domain names the cost is approximately £9.00 a year.
Q. How long does it take to build the site?

A. It depends on the size and content of the site. A basic three page site may take a few days where a larger site can take weeks.
1&1 logo

All new sites are hosted with 1&1 internet, the worlds largest webhost company. They offer some fabulous deals and give easy access and control to all aspects of your website. (Click on the advert on the right to see their special offers)
The standard home package is generally more than adequate for small businesses.
In the 1&1 control panel (home package upwards) you can see statistics that reveal how many visitors you have to your site, and where those visitors are etc. If you want you can have a counter, feedback forms, weather, news etc.


Support is offered in the form of consultation and hands on sorting out the nitty gritty aspects of web design. It maybe that you're left high and dry by a web designer that didn't give you the service you wanted and only left you bewildered and confused.
My business is to make you feel confident and secure in the whole building process of your website from start to finish. See maintenance for costing.

Single page website £100
three page website £280
five page website £400
eight page website £550
ten page website £650
fifteen page website £900
twenty page website £1200

Some pages can be very complex and others very simple. The prices on the right give a rough idea of the cost involved. After a free consultation offered to determine your requirements, you will be given a quote for the building of your website.
There is also the cost of hosting the site.
Usually £4.99 a month depending on the size of the site.
A very basic hosting package for a small site is available at £2.49 a month
Additional pages can be added after the completion of the site for £75 each.

Why not show your clients directly what you have to offer them by having a video on your website. The beauty of this is it brings them right into your environment where they can see what you're offering for themselves.
The video is originally shot in full HD quality with Canon pro lenses. Then it's resized and compressed for the internet. The result is a professional presentation that gets you noticed!

A three minute video with titles, transitions, music/audio, overlaid text etc is £500. That includes the taking of the video, the editing, and putting live on your website.

See if the domain name you want is available